The Internet could change forever


Right now the FCC and Big Cable have plans to create fast lanes and charge companies, blogs, activists and YOU more to use them.

Trump’s FCC Chairman Ajit Pai - a former Verizon lawyer - announced plans in April to undo Net Neutrality rules. Meaning, the Internet will become a tiered system where Big Cable and politicians could control which websites and apps you can access with higher costs than ever before. This would change the Internet as we know it. Now it’s time to double down and fight back.

For Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other communities of color, Net Neutrality has allowed us equal access in furthering our education, enrolling in health care and applying for jobs. Just like your phone company can’t block certain calls based on who’s making them or what they’re about, your Internet Service Providers shouldn’t be allowed to pick what content you can access.

Repealing Net Neutrality is just another favor for Big Cable and corporations at the expense of Internet users like you. By sharing why we need Net Neutrality, we can keep the Internet free and open.

Two years ago we had the same battle and millions of people just like you supported the rules to protect Net Neutrality, allowing free and open access to all websites by anyone who uses the Internet. We won that battle then, we can win this battle now.

The deadline for the comment period is coming up on July 17. The FCC and Congress must hear from millions of Americans again that Net Neutrality is here to stay. To stop them, we’ll send your comments to the FCC to protect our free speech, privacy and affordable access to the Internet.

Tell the FCC to protect Net Neutrality—and tell Congress to oppose Ajit Pai's plan.

What we’ll need from you is your name and address - which we will only share with the FCC because it requires it for public comments! We also want you to add your own story and flair to the comments we’ll send on your behalf!

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