The Rebuild America’s Schools Act

The Rebuild America’s Schools Act (RASA) can help modernize education in your community and you as a school leader have the power to make Congress understand how they can improve the lives of the students we serve everyday.

AFSA and dozens of other education organizations are holding a virtual National Day of Action via Twitter and emails to advocate that RASA be included in the next stimulus/infrastructure package being considered by Congress.

RASA would provide $200 billion in federal funding to repair school facilities and was passed out of the Education and Labor Committee in early 2019 but has been stalled ever since.

What You Can Do Right Now

We ask that you join educators and advocates all across the nation by writing a letter and tweeting at your Representative urging them to include RASA in any infrastructure or stimulus package passed by Congress with the common hashtag #RebuildAmercasSchools, #RASA.

Here are some sample Tweets and sentences for a letter:

  • Public schools are ~50 y/o. These buildings aren’t conducive for teaching & learning. @[YOUR REP/SENATOR], we need to include #RebuildAmericasSchools #RASA in the next stimulus & #infrastructure package.

  • Civil Engineers’ 2017 #infrastructure report gave schools D+ due to crumbling and decrepit conditions. @[YOUR REP/SENATOR], we need to include #RebuildAmericasSchools #RASA in the next stimulus package.

  • #EPA says 50% of public schools have poor air quality, increasing cost to reopen schools in health crises. If #Congress can’t commit to ensuring our children are learning in a safe enviro as a country, what do we stand for? @[YOUR REP/SENATOR], #RebuildAmericasSchools #RASA must be in the next stimulus & #infrastructure package.

  • I am an educator in [district], does this picture seem like something you want to expose your kids to? We need action from #Congress now! @[YOUR REP/SENATOR], #RebuildAmericasSchools #RASA must be included in the next stimulus & #infrastructure package.

  • #RebuildAmericasSchools Act #RASA would create 1.9 million jobs in struggling communities across the nation. Schools must be included in any #infrastructure bill passed by #Congress.

  • K–12 Public Schools are the 2nd largest national #infrastructure sector for capital investment. @[REP/SENATOR], #Congress must include #RASA in the next stimulus package.

  • Healthy, safe & modern schools are good for Ss + Ts & lowers risk of asthma & lead poisoning. Attendance + achievement go up, absenteeism + suspensions go down. @[REP/SEN], pass #RASA & #infrastructure bill now.

  • Schools are part of our nation’s 1st line of defense during emergencies & natural disasters from COVID-19 to hurricanes, floods & fires. #America needs a new generation of safe, healthy & resilient schools, @[REP/SEN], pass #RASA & #infrastructure bill now.

  • Replacing worn out & patched up school buildings in poor neighborhoods overcomes the equity gap and creates jobs. @[REP/SEN] pass #RASA as part of the next economic & #infrastructure stimulus bill. #RebuildAmericasSchools