Time Sensitive - Act Now -Don’t let the Gas Lobby Stall Clean Energy

Tell the NJ Senate and your legislators to oppose S4133 and do everything they can to stop it. This terrible bill, a gift to the gas lobby that will slow NJ’s efforts to combat climate change, was posted for a vote late on Friday for a full Senate vote today, the last day of the current session. Even though this bill only had one hearing in the Senate, and does not even have a companion bill in the Assembly as of this writing, there is a real possibility that it can end up on the Governor’s desk before the end of the day.

If approved, this bill would block New Jersey from establishing enforceable targets to transition our homes and buildings off of fossil fuels and onto electric heat - a critical piece of New Jersey’s plan to transition to 100% renewable energy. By posting this bill for a vote, Senate President Sweeney is attempting to use his very last voting session to undermine our state’s plan to fight the climate crisis.

Immediately contact the Senate and your legislators now and urge them to oppose S4133 and do everything in their power to stop it.

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