To Dump DeJoy We Need New Postal Governors

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is implementing his Ten-Year plan: slowing the mail, raising prices, cutting retail hours, closing postal facilities, outsourcing postal work, and continuing the path to privatization.

DeJoy and his disastrous Ten-Year Plan must go. Only the Postal Board of Governors (PBOG) can remove him and we may soon have enough votes, now that President Biden has moved to fill all the PBOG seats, nominating Dan Tangherlini (Democrat) and Derek Kan (Republican).

The Senate must quickly convene hearings and ask the hard questions of these nominees - do they support DeJoy and his Ten-Year Plan? Do they oppose slowing the mail, raising prices, cutting retail hours and closing postal facilities, outsourcing postal work? Do they oppose the privatization of our public post offices?

Nominee Derek Kan’s track record reveals nothing to indicate he would vote to remove DeJoy, oppose his destructive 10 year plan or stop the unpopular decline to privatization.

His career at Lyft (General Manager) and Deliverr Inc (head of business operations and strategy), with their dependence on independent contractors, low wages and benefits, and anti-union history conflicts with the USPS legacy of a well-compensated, unionized postal workforce.

In addition, as Deputy Director of Trump's Office of Management and Budget (July, 2019-Jan 2021), Kan played an important role in implementing the pro-privatization "United States Postal Service: A Sustainable Path Forward" Task Force Report.

We must urge members of the Senate to reject Derek Kan and call on President Biden to nominate a different, pro-public candidate for the Postal Board of Governors.

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