Transportation Sales Tax

Orlando YIMBY is teaming up with Central Floridians for Public Transit and the Orlando Bike Coalition to urge the Orange County Commission to use its proposed transportation sales tax on more diverse forms of transportation, including rail, bus, bike, and pedestrian infrastructure.

Why is diverse transportation critical to solving our housing troubles in Orange County?

  • We advocate for dense housing and more neighbors in our community, which will not be sustainable if everyone relies solely on automobiles for transportation.
  • Dense housing located around transit hubs won't be convenient for the people who live there until public transportation is frequent and reliable.
  • Comprehensive transit, pedestrian and bike infrastructure reduces the need for surface parking, making room for more homes and driving down the cost of housing.

We believe that any money spent on roads should be focused on maintenance, and not new roads or road widenings. We will never make meaningful strides in climate change mitigation or public safety improvement without reducing car reliance.

We will be urging the Board of County Commissioners to ensure that these revenues are spent on transportation for everyone.
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