Trust Elected School Boards!


Never mind that only one Wisconsin legislator holds a teaching degree (a lifetime license), nothing seems to stop some politicians from continuing their wrecking ball strategy against public education. Now, the ability for communities to raise needed funding for their students is in jeopardy.

Tell your elected officials not to meddle in school referendums!

Several bills are circulating that restrict local control for conducting referendums:

  • SB 187+AB 274, would require a school board to include specific financial information in a resolution and in the referendum question for all bonding /construction referenda, resulting in an impact on more districts than the original proposal. In addition, the bill added more expense and hoops for districts to jump through to meet the needs of their students -- along with expanding these requirements to all municipalities.
  • SB 195+AB-268 limits to five consecutive school years the number of years for which a school board may seek approval from voters in the school district to increase the revenue limit applicable to the district.
  • SB 194+AB-269 limits when a school district can schedule a referendum to exceed revenue limits.
  • SB 191+AB-282 would require common and union high school districts to vote upon an initial resolution to raise money through a bond issue (such as for building and maintenance purposes) only at the school district’s annual meeting. It would also prohibit voting on a resolution to exceed the revenue limit (such as for operating purposes) at a special meeting.
  • SB-193+AB-285 would create a general school aid penalty if voters approve a referendum to increase their revenue limit. The move would also allow school boards to rescind revenue limit increases that have previously been approved by voters in a referendum.

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