Write a letter to tell the United Church of Canada Renounce your Agreement with B'nai Brith


It takes one minute to send a letter to the United Church Moderator, General Secretary, chair of current taskforce on Palestine, and executive ministers.

Tell the United Church of Canada to publicly renounce their agreement with B'nai Brith. It was about more than a legal spat in 1973, it has shut down the implementation of the motions passed by the church grassroots at their national general meetings for a almost a half-century.

You may send the letter as it is written, or customize it.

On May 4, 1973, the United Church of Canada and B'nai Brith signed a cooperation agreement.

What role has this agreement played in the United Church’s failure to implement resolutions on Palestine over the last half-century, or why calls from Christian Palestinians have been ignored?

Over the years the United Church has referenced its agreement with B'nai Brith, and other commitments, as requiring the pro-Israel lobby's agreement before proceeding.

The 1973 agreement was put in place in the hopes of silencing Rev. Dr. A.C. Forrest, then editor of the United Church Observer, from writing about Palestinian refugees and their right of return, as well as to quash grassroots Church support for Palestine.

In late 2019, the United Church of Canada launched a taskforce to review their policy, which does not reflect the motions approved by its own membership over the last 50 years. The church’s policy also fails to reflect the call from Christians in Palestine.

Just Peace Advocates and the Canadian BDS Coalition have responded.

It is now your turn to add your voice!

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