Urge Assemblyman John T. McDonald and Senator Neil Breslin to Sponsor the Norlite Bill

Call or send a letter to Assemblyman McDonald and Senator Breslin. We are urging both the Assemblyman and Senator to re-introduce the "Fly Ash" Bills for the 2023-2024 legislative year.

CALL: Breslin's Office: 518-455-2225

           McDonald's Office: 518-455-4474

SEND A LETTER: Use the form on the right to send an email directly to McDonald and Breslin.

We need your help to tell Assemblyman McDonald and Senator Breslin to sponsor this bill to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers, especially the residence of Cohoes, Green Island, Troy and Lansingburg directly affected by Norlite and its burning of hazardous waste.

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to help protect our right to clean air and a healthful environment.


In the 2021-2022 NYS Legislative year, Assemblyman McDonald sponsored the "Fly Ash" Bill A10115A. Respectively, Senator Breslin sponsored the Senate version of the Bill, S9436A.

The "Fly Ash" bill "prohibits the mixing, combination or blending of ash, including material collected from fine-particle control devices serving as pollution control or containment systems at any hazardous waste incinerator or kiln, with any product if the ash is from a commercial hazardous waste incinerator; provides penalties for violations."

This bill is highly relevant to the mission of Lights Out Norlite. Norlite, LLC currently uses its fly ash from its incineration of toxic and hazardous waste in the production of their lightweight aggregate product.

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