Urge Congress to Do More for Puerto Rico Recovery

A study by academics at Harvard rigorously reviewed death rates in the months following Maria and compared those to prior years.  As a result, they concluded the actual death toll as a result of Maria was more than 70 times the official death toll, mostly due to disruption of health care and lack of electricity.  

4600 people probably died as a result of the hurricane and the inadequate response.  

Meanwhile, more than half a year later -- as a new “hurricane season” is set to begin -- some parts of the island remain without power and life remains far from normal.  And powerful corporate interests trying to use the recovery to privatize essential government services.

Let there be no mistake: this disaster was not solely an act of nature.  Man made climate change fueled the hurricane’s intensity. Then, indifference by the Trump Administration and too many members of Congress led to a delayed and inadequate response.

Please email Congress and urge them to:

  • Push for more aid -- and forgiveness of debt -- to address the continued challenges posed to Puerto Ricans.  

  • Advocate for rebuilding the Puerto Rico power grid in a manner that keeps it in public hands and emphasizes distributed, renewable energy.  

  • Investigate the Trump Administration’s incompetence and malfeasance in the recovery process, to help ensure that the victims of the next natural disaster get better treatment.

Please use the form on the right. If you have time to personalize the letter, it will make it more powerful.  

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