Urge Connecticut Legislators to Amend SB1113


Senate Bill 1113 is the CT Sentencing Commission’s recommendations to reform the Sex Offense Registry. The bill was recently voted out of the judiciary committee, and while it is a good start for reform, it is imperative that it go further.

The Senate may take action on SB1113 in the next few days (The week of May 13). It is important you email or fax AND call the chairs of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Gary Winfield and State Representative Steve Stafstrom, as well as YOUR State Senator AND State Representative immediately to let them know they need to amend SB1113.

Click the ORANGE START WRITING BUTTON AT THE RIGHT to identify and send a message to YOUR state legislators. We have pre-populated the letter to get you started, however, it is fully customizable to fit your needs and scenario.

One Standard of Justice has put forward a list of changes to improve the bill before it gets heard in the Senate and the House. By participating in this call to action you will be helping ALL individuals on the registry and their families – current and prospective. We ask you to get this out to your friends and family so it will have significant impact in getting our voices heard for a fairer and safer Connecticut. You can start calling on Monday, May 13, 2019. Emails can go out immediately.

The full copy of Bill 1113-822 can be found at: https://www.cga.ct.gov/2019/FC/pdf/2019SB-01113-R000822-FC.PDF

Please let Sen. Winfield/Stafstrom and your senator/rep. know these limited, reasonable changes need to be made to SB1113.


  • Delete the word “NO” in the last sentence of Sec. 6 of SB1113. This will allow all people on the law enforcement only registry the opportunity to petition off the registry.
  • Reduce failure to send in address verification form from felony to misdemeanor.
  • Eliminate home addresses on the registry. Addresses put registrants and their families at risk for harm. Instead list neighborhood.
  • Current law allows victims to choose if they want to be informed about certain status changes of the person convicted. Keep that optional choice for the victim and don’t make notification of victims mandatory.
  • The members of the proposed Sexual Offender Registration Board should include a member of a statewide organization advocating for people on the registry and their families and/or a direct justice impacted person (a person who was on the registry).

We also urge you to call Senate Democrats and ask to speak to Senator Winfield, 1(800) 842-1420 or 860-240-8600. Use the same phone number for your State Senator.

If your Senator is a Republican call: 1 (800) 842-1421

Since this is a busy time, speaking to their aides is equally effective. Be specific by citing the Bill #.

These messages are short and sweet. This is a busy time of the session. The main purpose is to let legislators know that this issue is important enough for you to reach out and communicate. It does not take many contacts for our collective voice to be heard. For legislators other than Winfield and Stafstrom, they will let those two know that they have heard from their constituents and they’ll want to know what is going on w/the bill.

The main phone number to the legislative office building is (860) 240-8585 or 1-800-842-8267.

Together we can.
Together we are.

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