Support 24/7 Bus Lanes in the Hennepin Ave S Redesign ON DAY 1!

June 30th: The Hennepin Ave. S. layout goes back to committee. Disappointingly, Councilmembers Chughtai and Johnson signaled a “compromise” that would delay 24/7 bus lanes for several years.

This is unacceptable. These bus lanes are urgently needed on Day 1 for the thousands who depend on transit to access their daily needs. 24/7 bus lanes must be included on day 1 of the project's opening.

Send an email to tell City of Minneapolis Council Members Chughtai and Johnson, as well as the PWI Committee to approve and bring the amended layout back to full city council on July 21st!


On December 7, 2021 the Minneapolis Public Works Department released their recommended layout for the Hennepin Avenue South reconstruction project from Lake Street to Douglas Avenue (construction will begin in 2024). The design includes car traffic lanes in both directions with additional dedicated left-turn lanes, full-time dedicated bus lanes, wider sidewalks, a protected bikeway, improved crosswalks, a planted center median, and more. This design would make Hennepin Avenue S comfortable and accessible for all users.

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