Urge Glendale City Council to vote for clean energy over fossil fuels!

Glendale's electric utility, Glendale Water & Power (GWP), is proposing to “re-power" its fossil fuel power plant known as Grayson. The $500 million project would involve replacing old gas turbines with new equipment – but in the process expanding capacity well beyond what is needed to power Glendale with the expectation of selling excess power to other utilities. While GWP touts the fact that the new equipment is cleaner burning, they acknowledge that the expansion will significantly increase carbon emissions and a broad range of toxic air pollutants, not to mention burden ratepayers with heavy bond debts well past the point where California clean energy laws force the plant to cease operations. They also acknowledge that they never comprehensively assessed the potential for solar and other renewable technologies to meet Glendale’s power needs. This is not surprising given the fact that the consultants hired to design the project and take it through the approval process stand to gain millions selling gas-generation equipment and services to Glendale.

On April 10th, the Glendale City Council will meet to determine the fate of the project. They will either follow the advice of GWP and give it the go ahead or they will respect the will of the community and call for a study clean energy alternatives. The meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM at Glendale City Hall (613 E. Broadway, 2F). We are encouraging concerned residents of Glendale and surrounding communities to join us for a rally at 5:30 PM on the steps of City Hall, and then join the meeting to stand up for health and fiscal responsibility. Whether you can make it or not, please e-mail the City Council using this tool. And don't forget to spread the word.

We need to show City Council that the public wants clean energy solutions not more dirty and expensive fossil fuel. This is a critical turning point which could spell the end of what may be one of the last gas plant projects in California!
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