Urge NYC Council to Vote YES on Intro. 1447

Support Intro. 1447!

An epidemic of construction deaths is plaguing New York City. Workers are being exploited and corners are being cut. This is not what New York City is about. The people who build our iconic skyline are being treated as expendable commodities and their deaths are increasingly being regarded as ‘the cost of doing business’. The time is NOW to reverse this trend and foster safe working environments.

New York City’s elected officials have a responsibility to protect and value the lives of workers that build our city. Since January 2015, 30 construction workers have died on construction sites across the five boroughs. 90% of those fatalities occurred on non-union sites. Latino and Immigrant workers are disproportionately affected by these unsafe work conditions. According to 2015 OSHA statistics, 57% of fatalities from falls are Latino workers, while Latinos make up only 30% of the construction workforce.

Join the New York City District Council of Carpenters in urging the City Council to support Intro. 1447.