Urge the presidents of our state universities to honor the MSCA contract


Please tell the presidents of the state universities to honor the contract that they negotiated with the Massachusetts State College Association (MSCA), which the presidents agreed to and the state commissioner of higher education signed in July. Despite being legally obligated to do so, we believe the commissioner never advanced the contract to the governor’s office for approval, and now the university presidents are demanding that we renegotiate the contract because they are unhappy with the cost of certain language changes.

The presidents had ample opportunity to review the terms they agreed to before the commissioner signed the agreement, and to now claim without any substantive conversations with the MSCA that the contract violates financial parameters is the epitome of bad-faith bargaining.

We are demanding that the presidents honor the contract. The MSCA has pledged to work with campus leadership to implement the use of equivalencies that have become the focus of contention.

The MSCA reached a fair and reasonable contract with management and it is beyond time to implement that agreement in full.

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