Thank your Reps for supporting Gun Violence Prevention legislation.

June 28 UPDATE [New action, please send and share with people in other states!]

Gun Violence Prevention legislation has finally passed both houses of Congress for the 1st time in decades.

Thank your Reps-- and tell them what else you want!

On Sat, June 25, the President signed this bill into law.
The law includes:
-Money to help states implement "red flag" laws
-Money for mental health programs and school security.
-Closes the domestic violence "Boyfriend Loophole."
-Enhanced background checks for people under 21.

But there is more work to do. Tell your elected leaders what further actions are most important to you.

Actions not included in the new law:

1. Ban Assault Weapons.
2. Ban high capacity magazines.
3. Raise the age to buy military-style rifles to 21.
4. Ban bump stocks and ghost guns.
5. Require that all gun owners be licensed.

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