Urgent CT Climate Action Needed 2DAY!

Thank you to everyone who has called our Governor & sent messages to House Speaker Ritter & Senate President Looney so far. Now we all need to get a little tougher & take the next step. Time to contact them again.

Please send your message to demand they include climate change in the upcoming special session. Their reluctance to act not only makes them appear weak but also risks the health and future of our state. They must keep the Connecticut climate promise.

Many Connecticut residents are already facing severe health and financial burdens from the impacts of climate change. Effective climate policies cannot wait until 2025. We can no longer allow fear, inaction and scientifically illiterate rhetoric to block progress.

There has been some hesitancy to include climate change in the special session, fearing it might risk the Democrats' standing in the upcoming November elections. We have compelling evidence that addressing climate change is not just good policy, but good politics.

Here are some key takeaways from Climate Change in the American Mind: Politics & Policy, a recent report by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication:

  • A majority of U.S. voters prefer to vote for a candidate who supports action on global warming.

  • Most voters support building clean energy infrastructure in their local area.

This data shows that voters want action on climate change and that legislative leaders will not lose support by prioritizing this critical issue. It’s time to remind them that climate action is a winning strategy.

The urgency of leadership to take action cannot be understated. We only have a few days to act, please send your messages today.

We are at a critical juncture, your voice will make a difference.

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