TIME SENSITIVE: Congress Calls for Gaza Doctors

It is Kafkaesque.  

Five psychiatrists from the Gaza Community Mental Health Program were invited to attend the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry that starts this Monday in New York City. Their goal there, at UPenn Medical School in Philadelphia and at Sheppard-Pratt Hospital in Baltimore is to learn about breakthroughs in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They return home by November 10th.

Here's the problem:

1.     Israel will only allow the doctors to leave Gaza if they receive a Transit Visa through Jordan;

2.     Overall, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has stopped issuing Transit Visas to people who live in Gaza.  Of the five doctors, four have been denied transit and only one received a transit visa.

3.     So far, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan, Alice Wells, is declining to intervene in such cases unless the travelers are invited to a U.S. Government sponsored program. Thus, we have escalated our request to Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Anne Patterson.

Our doctors need your help, today, right now.  

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If you call, Congress will help.            
Your Senators and Representative each promise to intervene on behalf of their Constituents (that's you) when you face an urgent issue matter involving a Federal department. Their websites say, "If you need assistance with any federal government department, this office may be able to help."  

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