Ask Your Legislators to Pass the CT State Water Plan As Drafted


After years of work by multiple stakeholders and experts, CT's first State Water Plan still awaits approval. Last year, water utilities, business lobbyists, and legislators interested in gutting environmental regulations blocked its passage. They're still at work at the legislature, demanding that "water as a public trust", a foundational principle of CT's Environmental Protection Act, be removed from the plan or buried deep within. They think water is their asset to control and that public oversight over crucial water policy decisions should be minimized. Our state waters need protection now!

  • Ask your legislators to become water champions and pass the State Water Plan as drafted.
  • Don't let "water as a public trust" be taken away from the citizens of CT, who voiced their views loudly and clearly during the plan's development.
  • Protect CT's Environmental Protection Act and stop special interests from weakening it.
  • Recognize that a thriving state economy requires a healthy environment.
  • Save our watersheds from strip mining, our water companies from acquisition by out of state corporations, and our water from sale at a discount to industrial-sized water bottlers without a permit or drought protection. CT water is NOT a corporate asset!

Our health, welfare, and economy all depend on clean water, a thriving environment, and a public that keeps watch over its state's resources. Water is a public resource, belonging to the people of CT and held in trust by the state, to be managed sustainably for the benefit of generations to come.

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