Urgent- Ask Your State Legislators to Support SB422 and Protect CT Water

Niagara Bottling of CA and the MDC are lobbying furiously to make sure Senate Bill SB422, overwhelmingly approved in committee, now dies without coming to a floor vote.  The only way to protect Connecticut's water while its state water plan is being developed is to pass SB422.  Without legislation, it will continue to be "open season" for corporate raids on our water. Who gets to decide the future of our water? Corporations, making backroom deals to secure large amounts of CT water at a discount?  Lobbyists for water bottling companies that extract large quantities of water from our watersheds and send it out of state without ever needing a permit?

CT residents, like you and I, have been paying increasing water rates for years to fund water infrastructure.  We're wisely conserving this natural resource. Let's not give it away at a discount before our water experts do their job and complete the state water plan. Given climate change, we need  new data and a comprehensive plan to make sure ALL of CT has future access to the water it needs for citizens, businesses, and its environment. 

SB22 would put a moratorium on large water sales and level the playing field for water rates and special sewer charges for ALL customers. Help protect Connecticut's water. Urge your state representative and state senator to support SB422.

It's easy to do...and we're counting how many emails we can get in over the next two days. When you send this email, it'll go to your state representative and state senator. Will you take action NOW?  Click the red "Start Writing" button on the right----> to begin the process.

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