URGENT: Tell Your Representatives We Need the FULL Polluters Pay!

We need the FULL Polluters Pay Tax to make sure companies pay to clean up their messes. TAKE ACTION NOW by sending a letter to your representatives! There's no time to waste!

Some aspects of the Polluters Pay Tax were included in the bipartisan infrastructure bill released on August 2, 2021. The legislation includes fees on specific chemicals, but this is only a small portion of the Polluters Pay Tax. The bill excludes the Superfund corporate income tax, which collects .12% on all taxable income above $3.7 million. This bill is not the full Polluters Pay Tax we need. It will not fund Superfund.

In order to really bring the muscle back to Superfund, we need to pass the corporate income tax portion of Polluters Pay through a Democrat-only budget reconciliation bill. Without the corporate income tax, you and I will be responsible for cleaning up corporate pollution instead of using our tax dollars for schools, health care, roads and so on. Let's come together to make our voices heard today!

To learn more, visit our website, read about the importance of Polluters Pay, or read about the new "Polluters Pay" Tax where Polluters Don't Pay. Thank you for joining us in fighting to #MakePollutersPay!