Support Protected Bike Lanes on Valencia Street

Cross-section of a street design proposal for Valencia Street, showing a parking protected bike lane on one side and a post-protected bike lane on the other side adjacent to a parklet

SFMTA's Valencia Bikeway Project proposes to move Valencia's bike lanes to a center two-way “cycle track” sandwiched between two lanes of driving cars only "protected" by four plastic posts designed to be run over and a "bus lane curb" that is designed to be driven over. The proposed design will:

  1. Make many people feel unsafe riding bikes on Valencia — especially families, seniors, people with limited mobility, and people who are less confident riding bikes.
  2. Create a "bike highway" that's difficult to enter/exit with fewer people on bikes stopping to shop at local businesses along Valencia.
  3. Potentially result in people on bikes colliding going 15+ miles per hour in opposite directions.

If SFMTA approves the center cycle track, this will be the situation until at least January 2025 — and likely much longer — with no official plans to change it (nor one-way or pedestrianize Valencia).

Instead, SFMTA should install protected bike lanes along the curb, similar to the existing, safe, and well-liked bike lanes on Valencia between Market and 15th Streets that were installed in 2019. Installing "curbside" protected bike lanes will make more people feel safe riding bikes on Valencia and result in more people shopping at local businesses, resulting in a safer, calmer, and more economically thriving Valencia.

But SFMTA will install the center cycle track unless you show support for the Better Valencia proposal to install protected bike lanes in 2023.

Please support protected bike lanes on Valencia now. It takes two taps and less than 10 seconds!

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