Pedestrianize Valencia Street or Install Protected Bike Lanes

Cross-section of a street design proposal for Valencia Street, showing a parking protected bike lane on one side and a post-protected bike lane on the other side adjacent to a parklet

The Valencia Street center bikeway is a dangerous design that is fundamentally flawed. It should be immediately replaced with either curbside protected bike lanes or Valencia should be pedestrianized (for only people walking and biking as well as commercial deliveries and local residents to access their garages). Please support this vision now by sending an email in a few taps and less than a minute.

On April 4th, SFMTA formally proposed its center bikeway design as the only option to the SFMTA Board of Directors, and the Board unanimously approved it in part because the center bikeway was the option the Board was given. In late-April, SFMTA started installing the center bikeway and people started using it. Since then, countless people have crashed or been injured on Valencia Street and one person has been killed. The data is clear that the center bikeway is significantly more dangerous than curbside protected bike lanes — including those installed on Valencia between Market and 15th Streets — and pedestrianized streets.

In addition, the center bikeway has made Valencia a "bike highway" with most people on bikes and scooters not shopping at local businesses or turning on/off Valencia. This has resulted in negative impacts on local businesses and less people using bikes on Valencia and throughout San Francisco, worsening our roadway safety crisis and climate crisis.

Now is the time for SFMTA to pedestrianize Valencia or install curbside protected bike lanes on the street. No more plans, studies, or outreach, and no more people should have to be killed or injured before SFMTA takes action to make the street safer for people and better for business.

SFMTA should install curbside protected bike lanes, similar to the safe and well-liked bike lanes on Valencia between Market and 15th Streets that were installed in 2019. Installing curbside protected bike lanes will make more people feel safe riding bikes on Valencia and result in more people shopping at local businesses, resulting in a safer, calmer, and more economically thriving Valencia.

Please send an email now in support of pedestrianizing Valencia Street or installing curbside protected bike lanes on the street immediately — it only takes a few taps and less than 30 seconds!

You can find more information related to Better Valencia — including sources — here.

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