VAM and growth scores don’t belong in teacher evaluations.

Something remarkable happened last week. A Supreme Court Justice in New York State found teacher Sheri Lederman’s "growth score" to be “arbitrary and capricious” and so he ordered it removed from her evaluation.

The judge took the time to do what few politicians have done—he thought about the absurdity of VAM. There was nothing special about Sheri’s score. It was produced by the New York VAM model, which was supposedly one of “the best” in the nation.

Whether your state uses VAM, growth percentiles, or a SLO concoction, clearly the experiment has failed. Using mathematical formulas to measure a teacher’s contribution to student growth may be an interesting mathematical exercise, but it is neither a valid nor reliable means by which to evaluate a teacher.

The Network for Public Education Action believes it is time we restore dignity to teacher evaluations.

We are asking that you participate in our letter writing campaign to tell your state representatives it is time to remove student growth scores from teacher evaluations.

This link tells you whether your state uses growth scores, along with how much they count in teacher evaluations in your state.

Carol burris
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