Ventura City Council - Please Stop Pumping the Ventura River Dry!


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The Ventura River is a critical watershed and resource that has supported both people and the environment for hundreds of years. It is a waterway that has sustained life and provided for our community for generations.

But the river is dying.

The City of Ventura pumps so much water from the river that it often goes completely dry. This will continue regardless of what other water users do to conserve water unless the City changes its ways. Rather than addressing its own disproportionate impact now, the Ventura City Council is holding the river hostage by spending taxpayer money on aggressive legal actions against all other smaller water users in the watershed, delaying action needed NOW to keep the restore flow and keep the river alive.

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper is working to protect the river by using citizen legal action to compel the State Water Board to analyze the City’s use of the river - as required by law - and take steps necessary to balance the city's water withdrawals with the needs of nature and the river.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Ventura City Council needs to know that residents of Ventura and the surrounding community care about the Ventura River and disagree with how the City Council is managing it.

Protecting the Ventura River isn’t a question of choosing people over wildlife. That’s a false choice.  If managed sustainably, Ventura’s water resources can meet the needs of both people AND the environment.  But the needs of the river currently aren’t even part of the equation.

Join us in our efforts to #ResurrectTheRiver and lend your voice to urge the Ventura City Council to come to the table NOW to develop plans for responsible management of this natural resource.

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