Veto this unprecedented attack against women’s rights.

The Indiana legislature passed an anti-abortion bill so extreme even anti-choice Republicans are disgusted by it. Republican lawmakers have attacked the bill as government overreach that seeks to punish women, saying it will do nothing to save innocent lives.

House bill 1337 is not about life. Under it doctors would be required to steer women toward non-abortion options even when it’s likely the baby won’t survive outside the womb. It requires the destruction of fetal tissue and makes it a felony to donate fetal tissue for potentially life-saving research.

Another heinous provision bans abortions for fetal genetic abnormalities, completely destroying any chance for women to make choices about whether or not they are able to care for a severely disabled child.

This is an extreme attack on a woman’s right to choose, and if it passes, more states will follow. The only chance to defeat this attack on the right to choose is by the governor’s veto. Governor Mike Pence is a strong “right-to-life” advocate and will not make the right call on his own. He’s already received numerous petitions. He needs to hear directly from you.

Sign and send this letter Governor Pence, using the number and sample script below and tell him: “Veto this unprecedented attack against women’s rights.”

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