Vote no on 856 & 1128: Stop the Power Grab!


Stop the POWER GRAB: Urge your Lawmakers to Oppose a Package of Bad Energy Bills

Floridians deserve a say in how we power our homes, businesses, and communities. But, in a shocking power grab, Tallahassee politicians and greedy special interests want free reign to put power plants and pipelines in your community while blocking desperately-needed action on climate change.

Please act now to preserve local authority over decisions that most impact local communities. For best results, modify the beginning of the email to make it your own and stand out from other emails

SB 856 - State Preemption of Energy Infrastructure Regulations is up in committee on Tuesday, and will completely take away your town's authority over all energy infrastructure - from oil wells to solar panels to gas stations. This bill is incredibly broad, and it's retroactive, meaning it will nullify all local commitments to renewable energy and decades of locally developed public energy policy.

SB 1128 - Preemption on Restriction of Utility Services by Sen. Travis Hutson is also up in committee on Tuesday, and will take away the rights of local governments to decide how our buildings are powered. This bill will prevent municipalities from moving away from outdated, gas-powered building codes to modern, clean-energy building codes. The legislation would effectively make any commitment to 100% clean energy impossible.

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