Vote No on Homeless Services Reform Amendment Act of 2017

The DC Council Committee on Human Services will vote on whether to move forward Mayor Bowser's bill, the Homeless Services Reform Amendment Act of 2017.

In the midst of DC's affordable housing crisis, this bill...

  • Defines people out of eligibility for housing, emergency rental assistance and homeless services.
  • Demands that homeless families and youth overcome unreasonable bureaucratic barriers to get emergency shelter on freezing nights.
  • Puts the health and safety of DC residents at risk, particularly youth and children.
  • Greatly expands the power of shelter and housing providers to put people out.

... and does NOTHING to actually end homelessness.

Please contact the members of the Committee on Human Services, and tell them to VOTE NO.

For background information, check out our blog ( and follow us on Twitter (@WashLegalClinic). Use #VoteNoHSRABill to spread the word!