Vote YES for HB 46 with HA2 and HA4

I am asking for your full support and vote to pass House Bill 46, HA2 and HA4, which affects an economically vulnerable Delaware population: Manufactured Home Owners living on leased land.

The Trust Fund is legally capped at $15 million dollars. Currently, the Trust Fund stands at $9.4 million dollars and brings in approximately $1.4 million a year. HB 46 will reduce the monthly total paid into the Trust Fund by $1.00 per month per home.  

HB 46 redirects .50 cents per month of the Home Owner’s contributions from the Trust Fund, creating an “Attorney Fund” for legal representation for these same Home Owners to protect and enforce existing rights regarding disputes with Community Land Owners. Two key points are as follows:

·       No tax payer money is involved. These funds for this program are strictly coming from Manufactured Home Owners on leased land.

·       The Land Owners portion ($.50 cents per month per home) will be returned to increase their profit.  

The fund will be administered by the OMBUDSMAN Program via contract with an attorney or agency that will provide legal representation and advocacy on behalf of Manufactured Home Owners on leased land. I expect administration at this level to preclude frivolous claims and expenditures.

This Legislation is critically important to Delaware Manufactured Home Owners on leased land who are living on fixed incomes such as seniors, the disabled, veterans, and first-time home buyers. When disputes arise on leased land, the residents feel trapped by the Land Owners because they simply cannot walk away or relocate their home. Their homes are their largest financial investment and, in many cases, their security.

Passage of this Bill would provide a legal voice to Manufactured Home Owners on leased land who are fearful of retribution or eviction in pursuing enforcement of their legal rights in disputes with Community Land Owners. The funds redirected by this effort will ensure these home owners are afforded fair and equal access to legal assistance as a right of due process.

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