North Carolinians Demand Higher Water Quality Standards


North Carolina legislators have a chance to improve our state's water quality.

Waterkeepers Carolina is asking legislators to protect your water quality further with these easy 2021 budget inclusions.

  • Polluters may find it easier to pay the fine than fix the problem. Current fines for sewage and pollution breaches are often far less than the cost of a long-term fix to the problem. Investing in infrastructure would solve some issues with water contamination, a solution waterkeepers support.

  • Remove contamination sources from floodplains. Legislators should restrict siting and fund buyouts for industrial hog and poultry operations remaining in the 100-year floodplain. The swine farm buyout is a voluntary program that was established in the wake of Hurricane Floyd to remove swine farms from the 100-year floodplain.

  • Bolster funding for farmers to prevent contamination. Increasing state funding to help farmers reduce pollution in rivers and streams. The Agricultural Cost Share Program (ASCP), the Agricultural Water Resource Assistance Program (AgWRAP) and Funding for the Community Conservation Assistance Program help farmers afford improvements such as new cattle fencing, riparian buffers and septic systems.

  • Help homeowners fix failing septic systems. Restoring funding to the Waste Detection and Elimination (WaDE) program would help homeowners fix leaking and failing septic systems. This is a DEQ program that worked until it was defunded in 2010.

We need your help in asking legislators to support all these programs to ensure our state has the cleanest water possible. Please take time to contact your legislators NOW. It's easy, we have a letter ready for you to personalize!