Call on City Council to Vote YES on a Tree Canopy Preservation Ordinance

Asheville is rapidly losing its trees.

Between 2008 and 2018, Asheville lost 891 acres of trees - 675 football fields of trees lost!

This massive loss of tree continues, making our hotter, more polluted and leading to flooding and loss of habitat for wildlife.

Asheville's trees provide so many important benefits to our community, including clean and water, lower energy bills, flood prevention, and improves the physical and mental health and well being of our community.

A single tree in Asheville can absorb up to 330 pounds of carbon dioxide - making trees a critical part of Asheville's climate change strategy.

While our city leaders declared a 'Climate Emergency' in 2019, they have yet to take any action to protect one of the most important tools we have to fight climate change.

Asheville City Council will be voting on a Tree Protection Amendment at its September 8th meeting. Please helps us demand that Council pass this Ordinance to protects our existing tree canopy and commits to a Zero Net Loss of trees.
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