We Demand Accountability for Justin Sinner

Shawnee County District Attorney Mike Kagay has failed to charge two attempted murderers in our community. As these children were walking through a neighborhood on Halloween night, Robert and Justin Sinner confronted the 5 children with guns as they were grabbing a Trump sign from a car dealership's lot. The children were terrified and ran to their nearby vehicle. The Sinners blocked them in a dead end alley and began to unload 35 shots into the vehicle as they fled. Four children were hit and ALL were pleading for their lives.

The District Attorney's office has delayed filing charges for far too long. The courts will continue with the weak charges against Robert Sinner now that his "Stand Your Ground" plea was DENIED. Additionally, the charges the DA pressed on the young driver of the vehicle who was fleeing for his life with his friends have been DROPPED.

Kagay is continuing to add to the oppression of minorities by not protecting them against the horrific actions of both perpetrators. This is traumatizing and unjust.

We must email DA Mike Kagay demanding Justin Sinner be charged with 5 counts of attempted murder. Anything less is negligence of his duty to uphold the law.

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