We Deserve Answers!

On May 30th 2017 Charter/Spectrum was brought before the New York City Council to answer questions regarding potential violations of their franchise agreement.  During the hearing, several questions were posed, for which Charter/Spectrum had no answers. The company was asked to provide answers to the questions to the NYC Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DOITT) by June 1, 2017, for investigation. To date, DOITT has yet to release the findings of that investigation.

Questions that need to be answered from that investigation relate directly to a dispute that has forced 1,800 Charter/Spectrum Cable technicians out on strike.  The information requested from the company required no special investigation or audits on its part to provide this information.  

Due to the time sensitive nature of the situation, we ask that whatever findings that have been reached so far by DOITT be provided for review effective immediately.  

1,800 New York City families are suffering while waiting on answers. Allowing any unnecessary delay will only contribute to the tactic the company has taken to make its workers suffer and starve.  We ask for your immediate and swift support in this urgent and pressing matter.

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