We need a planning commissioner NOW!

It's been 7 months since our last Planning Commissioner resigned, and Mayor Andre Dickens still has not appointed a replacement. Mayor Dickens is dragging his feet on this crucial position, forcing the Planning Department to twiddle their thumbs and continue down a path of the status quo. The status quo is unacceptable: rental prices are astronomically high and getting higher; home prices are rising out of reach of working families; cars are a necessity for most, while car deaths remain a normal part of life, pedestrian deaths are on the rise, and climate change continues to become more and more of a reality.

Tell Mayor Dickens that 7 months is long enough! It's time to choose a Planning Commissioner NOW!

We need a Planning Commissioner who:

  • Understands that Atlanta is growing, and we need to accommodate new Atlantans while ensuring that long-term Atlantans get to stay and benefit from the changes that are to come
  • Wants to actually engage our communities, not just the same, small, unrepresentative groups whose voices are already strong
  • Is ready to prioritize affordable homes, walkable neighborhoods, and high-quality public transportation
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