We need progressive solutions to fund our schools!


The past few months of direct actions that have been undertaken by educators across the nation have been only a glimpse of the strength and conviction that lives inside of all educational professionals. The people that have been storming their state capitals have risked job security and disrupted their own home life to stand up for equity in funding for all schools. Although the press shines a spotlight on the narrative that teacher salaries as the impetus for these actions, do not make the mistake of not understanding that low wages are only a symptom of a larger problem. The agenda to starve our public schools has widened gaps in funding for our state public school systems and has been a direct cause of school closures in black and brown neighborhoods.

Stand with us to demand that our legislators work to find progressive funding solutions that increase revenue sources instead of providing tax breaks for millionaires and corporations.

Letter Campaign by
Melissa Tomlinson
Mays Landing, New Jersey