We Need To Invest In Students Not Arrest Them

We all want the children of Delaware to feel safe and protected while in school. It is important to acknowledge the very real fear of the thousands of parents that send their students to school every school day in Delaware. However, we need to look at the facts and make sure that we are achieving the goal of safety in a way that is proven to be effective.

School Districts in Delaware are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, upwards of over $800,000 in some districts, every year on School Resource Officers (SROs). Unfortunately, there is very little data that this money is actually making our schools safer in return.

Studies have proven that decreasing class sizes and increasing programming to help improve educational outcomes WILL make schools safer. By putting some of the thousands of dollars being spent on SROs into these changes, Red Clay CAN make our schools safer for all kids.

The Red Clay School District will be voting on a resolution to transfer district money spent on SROs and other law enforcement officers (including constables) to support wrap-around services for students such as culturally specific partnerships, culturally sensitive restorative practices, social workers, and community interventionists committed to helping students navigate adolescence without criminalizing their behavior.

Please send a letter to the school board letting them know that you support this effort today.