Wilson James: stop violating the human rights of Cetin Avsar

Cetin Avsar
  • UVW union activist Mr Cetin Avsar has been suspended by outsourcing firm Wilson James because he led a strike at his former job at St George’s University to be “taken in-house and given the same terms as all in house employees”

  • Wilson James also claimed that Mr Avsar and his union’s belief that outsourcing was discriminatory “means there is a conflict of interest between your opinion and work with the union which lead to your protesting, and your employment with Wilson James”.

  • Wilson James has provided a dossier of photos and videos of Mr Avsar on strike and expressing his views in the press about outsourcing  

  • Mr Avsar’s union United Voices of the World (UVW) has vowed to seek an injunction in the High Court to stop Wilson James from dismissing Mr Avsar in what is described by UVW as one of the most an blatant and egregious violations of a worker’s human rights they’ve seen.

  • Supporting Cetin is supporting all workers out there who are being victimised for exercising their human rights by unsrupulous employers like Wilson James.

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London, United Kingdom