Write letter: Don’t let Israel lobby dictate NDP policy

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Let the NDP know that not allowing convention delegates to freely debate these resolutions would be both antidemocratic and anti-Palestinian.

Suppressing debate about a document designed to suppress debate?

That’s what the anti-Palestinian lobby is pressing the NDP leadership to do at its upcoming convention. Important resolutions have been put forward regarding Palestinian rights, eliciting external pressure to suppress debate.

As the 2021 NDP party convention approaches Israel lobby groups are waging an aggressive campaign to suppress debate about the plight of the long-oppressed Palestinians. NDP members deserve to have their say on the “Palestine Resolution” and a resolution opposing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) working definition of Antisemitism.

These two Resolutions are probably the most widely supported internationally focused resolutions ever brought to a convention, receiving the support of 50 (IHRA) and 33 (Palestine Resolution) NDP riding associations. The two resolutions have been supported or align with the position of the Canadian Labour Congress, many of its affiliates as well as Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, Independent Jewish Voices, Palestine House, Just Peace Advocates, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute and others.

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