Write letter: Green Party leader needs to publically apologize or resign

Annamie Paul (Courtesy of Paul/ via JTA)

Take 1 minute to write to Leader Paul of the Green Party of Canada that she follow the GPC federal council direction & apologize to those who were smeared.

1400+ people let Annamie Paul and Green Party of Canada officials know that Noah Zatzman must immediately be removed as the party leader’s senior adviser after he smeared sitting GPC MPs, Jagmeet Singh and Dimitri Lascaris. On Friday, June 4, 2021, the GPC Federal Council voted to end Mr. Zatzman's employment. Subsequently, media and GPC officials as well as members reported that Mr. Zatzman continues to represent the GPC, with what would appear to be Leader Paul ignoring the direction of her own party executive.

Write to demand that Ms. Paul:

i) respect the decision of the GPC Federal Council by ceasing employment of Noah Zatzman as your senior advisor and spokesperson

ii) publically apologize to those who Mr. Zatzman smeared

Ms. Paul, if you are not prepared to take these steps, then you should resign from the GPC leadership.

BREAKING NEWS: On June 10, Green MP Jenica Atwin crosses the floor to join the Liberals as a result of leader Paul's failure to take accountability for Mr. Zatzman, and her apparent ignoring of her own federal council direction.

Respect the Green Party of Canada policy on Palestine, Ms. Paul.


Atwin's response to Paul's claims that Atwin's conversation with liberal predated Zatzman's comments. The answer was no that was not true. Seems Ms. Paul is not about to apologize and be held accountable.

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