Write letter: Green Party of Canada remove Noah Zatzman as senior adviser

Take 1 minute to write to President and Leader of Green Party of Canada to insist they remove Noah Zatzman as senior adviser.

Let Annamie Paul and Green Party of Canada officials know that Noah Zatzman must immediately be removed as the party leader’s senior adviser. Zatzman has threatened to defeat sitting Green party MPs and smeared the environmental movement.

On May 14 Zatzman posted a message to Facebook stating:

Shabbat shalom. I have never experienced more anti-Semitism and Jew hatred from people I thought I knew well, then I did this week. (This includes being on campus at York and Carleton in 2002-7 — not a walk in the park). The progressive and climate communities have displayed, at some points this week, overt and virulent anti-Jewish behavior

Appalling anti-Semitism and discrimination from a range of political actors beginning with Jagmeet Singh and Dimitri Lascaris and many Liberal, NDP and sadly Green MPs.

We will not accept an apology after you realize what you’ve done. We will work to defeat you and bring in progressive climate champions who are antifa and pro-LGBT and pro indigenous sovereignty and Zionists!!!! Am Israel chai [The people of Israel live].”

Zatzman’s statement is outrageous. Only extremists believe it is anti-Jewish to oppose Israel’s recent ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem, violent attacks on the Al-Aqsa mosque and killing of 67 children in Gaza. Smearing influential individuals and threatening to work to “defeat” sitting Green MPs is completely unacceptable for someone paid to advise the party.

Zatzman has not apologized for his comments. Instead, he doubled down on them in recent CBC, iPolitics and La Presse interviews.

Green party members and potential voters overwhelmingly reject Zatzman’s statements.

Four years ago the party’s members overwhelmingly passed a resolution that repeatedly calls for pressure on Israel to comply with international law.

It’s time to remove Noah Zatzman as senior adviser to the party leader.

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