Write letter to Trudeau on the hyprocrisy regarding Canada's Covid-19 leadership that does not include Palestine

Please take a minute to write to Prime MInister Trudeau, with a copy to all Canadian members of Parliament.

Prime Minister Trudeau's boasted about how Canada would be there for countries around the world to fight and recover from Covid-19. This seems to not include Palestine. #NoUNSC4Canada #Hypocrisy

Let the Canadian government know you expect members of parliament to not just condemn future annexation, but to speak out about de facto annexation, abuses of human rights and international law violations.

Now with Covid-19 having taken hold in Gaza the situation combined with regular airstrikes over the last month, and bans on fuel have made things even more desperate.

Recently, a joint briefing paper by Al-Haq, the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre (JLAC), and Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) exposed how systematic neglect and de-development of Palestinian healthcare has left Palestinian communities in East Jerusalem extremely vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. The joint paper highlights how Israel’s discriminatory response to COVID-19 in East Jerusalem, coupled with long-standing failures to fulfill fundamental human rights, has compounded Palestinians’ susceptibility to the pandemic.

It warns that the capacity of Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem, the main providers of care for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, to respond to a widespread outbreak of the disease has been undermined by decades of occupation and financial constraints, leaving them at near a breaking point.

Read the full report and seven key recommendations for the international community to take to protect the fundamental rights of Palestinians in East Jerusalem.


Art by: Lina Abojaradehart


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