Write the CBC on its silence about Israeli ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem! #SaveSheikhJarrah

Israeli security forces detain a Palestinian man amid ongoing confrontations as Palestinian families face forced displacement in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem. [Ahmad Gharabli/AFP]

Take 1 minute to write to the CBC to let them know that their silence on Sheikh Jarrah evictions and ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem is noticed.

UPDATED: May 7, 2021

500+ letters sent in less than 24 hours to CBC.  

Letter updated to reflected the unfolding situation in Al Quds/Palestine May 7.

Radio News at Six included some reference using an AP release to situation in Jerusalem late on May 6, and online. The reporting ignored international law, occupation, war crimes and military violence.

Note, over 2K letters sent to Canadian government in last 24 hours. You can write here

Canadian government statement, May 7, is pathetic suggesting that it is about two conflicting parties!

Letter updated to reflect that this statement does not reflect what was asked for in E-3031 sponsored by MP Erskine-Smith.

“Four Palestinian families were ordered by an Israeli district court to leave their homes by May 2 or face forced eviction, while three more families have been ordered evicted by August. The May 2 date has now been deferred until later in May following the end of Ramadan.

These and other Palestinian Jerusalemite families are facing imminent forced eviction from their homes by illegal Israeli settlers, backed by the Israeli state.

The attack on Sheikh Jarrah is part and parcel of the ongoing and systematic ethnic cleansing targeting of Palestinians in Jerusalem and is part of the ongoing Nakba.

Following with the ongoing policy of CBC silence in regard to Palestine, there has been no reporting on the Israeli violence in Sheikh Jarrah, and what is rapidly escalating to what some are saying will be the Third Intifada.

Check out more on CBC and other Canadian Media's silence on Palestine

Mondoweiss article by Marion Kawas, March 9, 2021 describes theCBC's own Orwellian rules about reporting on Palestine.

‘Do not refer to Palestine or show a map with Palestine as a country’ — the CBC’s Orwellian rules

AlJazeera article by  Andrew Mitrovica, May 6, 2021, Canada’s blackout of Israel’s crimes against humanity

"Canada’s public broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), has not devoted a word or a nanosecond to HRW’s report on any of its gamut of digital and broadcast platforms."

The CBC, the Canadian public broadcaster, continues this history of suppressing and erasing Palestine with silence in regard to the breaking news in Sheikh Jarrah/Jerusalem.

The Canadian government--a response is requested urgently. You can also send a letter to the Canadian government HERE.

Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith presented petition

Mr. Speaker, I have a petition, e-petition 3031, that I would like to present.

It is signed by almost 1,400 residents who note that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory are unlawful under international law, that Israeli occupation authorities have issued a decision to forcibly evict hundreds of Palestinians from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem and that forces have demolished many Palestinian homes in occupied Jerusalem since the beginning of this year.

They call upon the Government of Canada to call on Israel to stop its eviction of the Palestinian families in Sheik Jarrah and its carrying out of the announced land settlement of title and registration policy in occupied East Jerusalem, which will result in the permanent appropriation of Palestinian land by the State of Israel.

Read more from other sources that are reporting on the evictions and settler violence in Sheikh Jarrah.

France24 reported May 6, 2021

"Twenty-two Palestinians were wounded in overnight clashes with Israeli police in annexed east Jerusalem, the Red Crescent said Thursday, as tensions flare over a controversial land rights case.

Al Jazeera reported May 5, 2021 that:

"Israeli forces raided the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem for the second night on Tuesday, spraying skunk water, a chemically enhanced type of sewage water, and physically assaulting residents and solidarity protesters."

The Jerusalem Post reports May 6, 2021 that:

Israeli security forces on high alert in response to Sheikh Jarrah

The Times of Israel wrote on May 6, 2021 that:

"The anticipated decision to evict the families comes as Jerusalem lives through tense, violent days. The city has been set on edge in recent weeks as Palestinian protesters and Jewish extremists have both clashed with police."

May 6, 2021 The Arab News reports

The UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process urge Israel to cease demolitions and evictions, in line with its obligations under international humanitarian law.

The Middle East Eye reports May 6, 2021:

"Tensions have been running high in East Jerusalem as Palestinian families vow not to leave their homes."  

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