Write Your Legislators Today – HB 90 OPD Collective Bargaining Hearing THIS WEEK

Take Action TODAY to Help Pass HB 90 – Collective Bargaining for OPD Employees

Maryland’s defenders of civil rights deserve basic employment rights! The employees of the Office of the Public Defender work vigorously to defend the rights of our community members in the criminal system, and they deserve the essential right to collectively bargain, which 30,000 other state employees already have. Collective bargaining will ensure that OPD employees have a voice in such vital issues as workloads, agency policy, compensation, and promotions. Giving OPD’s core staff, attorneys, and social workers collective bargaining rights empowers us to provide the best possible representation to our clients.

On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, the House Appropriations Committee will hold the first hearing on HB 90. This legislation enables collective bargaining for employees in the Office of the Public Defender and places them into the state merit system.

Write the Appropriations committee TODAY and urge them to give HB 90 a favorable recommendation.