Write your Republican Senator: Save Planned Parenthood and Medicaid. Vote NO on new Obamacare repeal


After months of back-and-forth over Obamacare repeal, Senate Republicans have introduced yet ANOTHER repeal bill, Graham-Cassidy, as a last-ditch effort to strip health care from millions of Americans.

If Republicans can find one more person to vote for this latest repeal bill by the end of September, they’ll be able to take the Affordable Care Act away. We cannot let that happen.

Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins voted no on the skinny repeal in July, and millions of Americans who rely on the Affordable Care Act are depending on them to vote no on the new repeal bill as well.

If Murkowski or Collins flip, Obamacare could be over and critical healthcare funding will start to disappear — Graham-Cassidy would defund Planned Parenthood AND slash Medicaid funding.

Planned Parenthood provides life-saving, necessary sexual and reproductive health care. Americans have fought time and time to protect access to Planned Parenthood, but the Graham-Cassidy repeal bill is failing them.

Further, this new repeal would restructure Medicaid and decrease its funding, meaning that even states like Alaska, which accepted Medicaid expansion, would have an incredibly difficult time maintaining it.

Graham-Cassidy is a disastrous bill. It cruelly slashes Planned Parenthood and Medicaid funding, leaving millions of Americans without health care options.

Write an urgent letter to your Senator now. Urge Murkowski and Collins to hold strong and vote NO on Graham-Cassidy — we must continue to protect Planned Parenthood and Medicaid for millions of Americans.

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