Support AB 2517, the California Single Payer Planning Commission & Price Controls

“Healthcare Is Hard”

Single payer universal healthcare in California is difficult, but achievable. With AB 2517‘s Single Payer Planning Commission, we will hammer out the necessary state constitutional amendment, CMS waivers, cost controls, and regulatory structure as recommended in the Assembly Select Committee's report.

It's a new day for single payer with AB 2517. Our 107,000 supporters and their friends pushed hard on Assemblymember Jim Wood, Chair of the Health Committee, and Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula. Because these two are so interested in dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's, AB 2517 is the best path to single payer in 2018.

With the California lawsuit against Sutter for allegations of price gouging, and JAMA's peer-reviewed research showing our country's healthcare has prices twice as high as anywhere else, price controls are not only the educated choice, it is the moral choice. Price controls are the foundation of all successful single payer health systems in the world. Like chips and salsa.

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I live in your district. I support Single Payer, AB 2517 and so should you. Please vote YES on AB 2517 and urge your colleagues to do the same.
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Last year, SB562 was introduced, passed in the senate without funding on a simple majority vote, and was promptly shelved by the Assembly. It's been sitting in the Assembly Rules Committee since June.

Regardless of how you feel about it and what you were told, there are four things to consider here:
1) 41 votes would pop SB562 out of Rules. No one has made a motion to do so.
2) Any of the listed authors can make amendments at any time. None have chosen to do so.
3) Any bill that requires funding needs a 2/3rds vote in both the Senate and Assembly.
4) Governor Jerry Brown, is the co-author of Proposition 4, the state constitution's spending cap which was passed by voters in 1979.

Which leads right into the biggest issue. The state constitution needs to be amended. Enact Universal Healthcare for California is the only single payer organization that filed a ballot initiative to address the spending cap and the 40% funding guarantee for education. If you were told differently, I'm sorry to say that no legal expert agrees with you, and that includes the entire Legislature with Senator Lara and Pro-Tem Atkins.

Please inform and share this link with your friends and political groups. Single payer needs everyone!

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