People Power not Power Cuts! Petition for Greener Energy for Malta.

Minister Miriam Dalli, Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise

The power cuts in July 2023 have brought Malta and Gozo to its knees, exposing the weaknesses of our national energy policy and electricity distribution system, and our vulnerability as islands in the face of the climate crisis.

The increased energy demand during this heat wave was predictable, and the impacts avoidable. Send these ten action points to Minister Dalli to urge her to strengthen Malta’s energy policy before it's too late!

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To: Minister Miriam Dalli, Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise
From: [Your Name]

I am a resident in Malta and I have been impacted by the power cuts. I am disappointed by the response of those in power, like yourself, to the damage and impacts that are being felt across the country. It feels like you are taking us for a ride.

I urge you to look at the bigger picture, to acknowledge the errors in past planning, and take the following action points to make Malta’s energy and electricity distribution systems crisis-proof.

1. A smart grid to support the shift to renewable energy.

2. A moratorium on big developments.

3. Refocus the construction industry on modernisation and renovation of existing buildings to make them zero carbon.

4. Make renewable energy cooperatives part of the energy plan, giving power to the people!

5. Reverse the 2006 rationalisation plan.

6. Research on renewable energy and zero carbon must become a national priority.

7. Stop investment in fossil fuel infrastructure. Stop the gas pipeline project. Invest instead in sustainable alternatives.

8. Oblige industries to operate under zero carbon policies.

9. Lead by example and modernise all public buildings, ensuring they generate all the electricity they need.

10. Shift Malta’s economy to a wellbeing economy! Stop the excessive abuse of natural resources, the exploitation of people and workers, and the dependence on imported energy.