BIDEN: do something about abortion

President Biden

In 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe versus Wade, striking down the federal right to an abortion. Now, the right to abortion is a state by state decision, and the health and lives of so many are at risk. But, across the country, the majority of voters and people in this country overwhelmingly support the right to abortion.

Biden passed an executive order to protect some rights related to abortion, but he could still pass more that would further expand the right to contraception and treatment. He doesn't have to wait for Congress; he could do something now.

And while he's at it, he should tackle other health care issues with the fight for reproductive rights: like expansion access to Medicare and Medicaid, lower drug costs, cancel medical debt, and help ensure access to care for all.

Demand Biden do something about abortion rights and a health system that cares for all of us.

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President Biden,

The majority of in this country support the right to an abortion. But right now, your lack of action means that every state is deciding if abortion is legal. This has to stop. There's lots you can do. You could demand Congress pass legislation to codify Roe Vs. Wade into law, or declare a public health emergency.

You should also help expand access to care so people can safely access an abortion when they need it. This means you'll also need to tackle and fix our broken health care system, which you can do by issuing orders to expand Medicaid and Medicare, lower drug cost, and ensure access to child and elder care.

Now's the time. Things have to change. Do something to save our reproductive rights and expand our care system.