2020 Full Ballot Promise

2020 NH Voters

In 2016, many Granite Staters who voted for President left their ballot blank for critical down-ballot races like State Representative. Tens of Thousands of people statewide had a ballot in hand, but decided to leave half of it blank.

Your Representatives in the State House, State Senate, and the Executive Council make decisions on health care, reproductive rights, public school funding, workers rights, and so much more that impacts the daily lives of Granite Staters.

These races are often decided by just a handful of votes. In 2018, 33 State House races seats were decided by 100 votes or less and some were decided by under 5 votes.

Every. Vote. Counts.

When you cast your ballot, make sure you vote for Democrats all the way down the ticket, don't skip any office.

Sign this pledge to fill out your full ballot and ask 3 friends to do the same. You and your friends could be the deciding factor in whether or not Democrats protect our majorities in the State House, Senate, and Executive Council.

Already voted? Did you fill out your whole ballot and make sure to vote in your local races for State House, State Senate, and Executive Council? Do your part by asking 3 friends to sign this pledge and fill out their full ballot on or before November 3rd.

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I pledge to vote all the way down the ballot and encourage 3 friends to do the same.