$3,120 per dose

U.S. Congress

Gilead Sciences increased the price for its COVID-19 drug, Remdesivir, by a whopping 30%. It’s now going to cost $3,120 for a 5-day treatment for the average American patient.

That’s outrageous. Taxpayers invested more than $70 million to develop this drug -- but we have no say in how it should be priced.

Drug corporations use their monopoly power to set drug prices as high as they want. Enough is enough.

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Gilead Sciences just jacked up the price of its COVID-19 treatment, Remdesivir, to $3,120 for a typical patient.

That’s a 30% increase over what the price was just a few months ago.

The American people have invested at least $70 million in taxpayer dollars to develop Remdesivir. But in exchange for that investment we have no say in how much Gilead can charge, or guarantee that it would be affordable to all who need it -- even in a global health crisis.

Congress needs to end the drug industry's monopoly power to set prices for life-saving drugs as high as they want to.

Americans already pay the highest drug prices in the world. Congress must end drug corporation monopolies and require Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices on behalf of seniors and all Americans.