End Puppy Farming in South Australia

South Australian Government


Tell the Government to End Puppy Farming!

Soon a debate to reform Animal Welfare laws will happen in the South Australian Parliament. But to bring about changes to end puppy farming, the South Australian Government must support it!

Ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops

Dogs in puppy farms live in appalling conditions, overcrowded, in filthy environments, suffering from health problems and behavioural problems. It is foreseeable, given the same scope for profit, that cats in kitten farms would suffer the same or similar cruelty. This petition encompasses both puppy and kitten farming.

End Factory Farming

Our recommendations to the Bill would stop puppy and kitten mills:

-End the factory farming or intensive breeding of companion animals.

-To promote adoption as the best way to get a companion animal.

-To phase out the sale of animals in pet shops, which are a main outlet for puppy and kitten farmers, and transition to adoption days with rescue groups (refer to our Companion Animal policy).

-To implement traceability for companion animals through an online register, which links every animal sold back to their supplier.

-To ensure puppy/kitten farmers and breeders cannot use the internet to disguise their operation and fool the public. To hold online trading sites accountable for advertisements they publish that do not comply with legislation.

This is a once-off opportunity and a vital step towards ending cruel puppy and kitten farms in South Australia. We must do all we can to ensure it passes!

Petitions will be forwarded to the Joint Committee on the Statutes Amendment (Animal Welfare Reforms) Bill 2020.

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Louise Crawford
Crafers West, Australia

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I support the Animal Justice Party - South Australia's recommendations to the Statutes Amendment (Animal Welfare Reforms) Bill 2020.