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We need to force the Democratic Party to break with Big Money and represent everyday working people, not wealthy campaign contributors or corporate lobbyists.

Keith Ellison is committed to an unapologetically progressive and pro-democracy agenda. He supports the ban on corporate lobby money to fund the DNC; he has consistently spoken out about the need to overturn Citizens United and protect voting rights; he's a champion for climate action, universal healthcare, free higher education, a living wage, and ending mass incarceration.

Only a bold progressive committed to cleaning up the party, engaging voters, and listening to grassroots movements already fighting for change can effectively lead the Democratic Party to resist Trump and the GOP.

Declare your support for Keith Ellison as DNC Chair and we will deliver your message directly to voting members of the DNC before they vote on February 25th.

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The Democratic Party is in serious trouble. Republicans control the White House, Congress, 33 governorships, and 67 state legislative chambers nationwide.

The stakes couldn't be higher. Trump and the GOP threaten our planet, our communities, and our very democratic form of government. We need fierce resistance from Democrats to oppose Trump’s agenda at every turn.

Democrats will only be able to mount an effective challenge in 2018 if it can energize the young and diverse voters at its base with an ambitious and unapologetic progressive agenda.

Millions of young voters and activists who supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries are deeply skeptical of the Democratic Party. Democrats have to give them a reason to believe they will represent them and their families, not wealthy campaign donors.

Democrats must break with Big Money. They cannot be both the party of Wall St. and of working people. They can’t be funded by the corporate elite and trusted to stand up against them in defense of everyday people.

Representative Keith Ellison has a proven track record of standing up to Republicans, pushing for bold progressive policies, radically increasingly voter turnout in his own district, and defying the power of Big Money in politics.

The Democratic Party needs his leadership right now to defend our democracy, shift the party towards its progressive base and bring millions of new voters to the polls across the country and at every level of government.

I urge you to vote for Keith Ellison as our the next DNC Chair.