Pass the law that will allow law suits against gun manufacturers

The President, your US Senators and Representative

Instead of passing ephemeral regulations that just prolong a never-ending legislative war, true gun control should go after the industry that mobilizes its immense wealth and social power to protect itself. Attack the problem at its source. One way to do this is to make gun manufacturers liable for the public health problem they created, and allow lawsuits by individuals, cities and states against those manufacturers.

There is one major reform that, rather than boosting police power that aims itself at communities of color, would target the industry fueling the violence: ending the unprecedented immunity from liability the gun industry gets by repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). Allowing private individuals and public bodies to sue the gun manufacturers for their clearly reckless practices would create a structural reason for manufacturers to stop their astronomical and increasing production of guns, and to institute supply-chain controls themselves to make sure guns cannot get into the wrong hands. The associated per-unit cost of each gun would increase and the profit margins on gun sales would plummet.

As there are more mass shootings getting more and more attention, the gun industry pumps out more and more guns.

Don’t unleash the police to conduct more stop and frisk; unleash the plaintiffs’ lawyers and attorneys general against the gun industry. It’s time to invert the current material incentive to keep producing more and more guns.

Without a plan to critically weaken the industry that actually creates the problem, gun control advocates will forever be outmatched in the political struggle to address the problem — and all too often, communities of color will suffer for it.

Source: Truthout, August 9, 2019

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To: The President, your US Senators and Representative
From: Glen Anderson

I urge you to vote to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act​ (PLCAA). Repealing the PLCAA will allow individuals and communities to sue the gun manufacturers for their reckless disregard of our safety.